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1"A Surreal Experience"  1Oct 30, 2014asianbelle  Manila
2"Balinese Blessing Ceremony 2014"  1  3Oct 14, 2014Lourdes137  Perth
3"Hotel Beauséjour à Lourdes"  1  2Apr 1, 2014UlisesTur  Montpellier
4"Passing through Lourdes"  15  24Sep 26, 2013GentleSpirit   Rockville
5"Jims Lourdes trip 2013"  11Aug 6, 2013jim_h_lynch  Cork
6"Under Construction"Apr 6, 2013Phalaenopsis03  Los Angeles
7"Our Lady's Grotto"  1  3Feb 4, 2013Dymphna1  Park City
8"Two very different faces of Lourdes"  6  12Oct 4, 2012christine.j  Germany
9"Lourdes 1991"  1Jan 8, 2012Procaccini  Bologna
10"Lourdes"  3Sep 22, 2011madizon8  Juan-les-Pins
11"Soul Satisfying Journey: My Pilgrimage To Lourdes"  3Aug 20, 2011andrewpacholyk  New York City
12"A beacon in troubled waters?"  1  1Jul 5, 2011LarsLous  Dudelange
13"My second home"  1Apr 17, 2010RosLondon  World
14"FRENCH ALPS"  2  8Mar 6, 2010xymmot  Richmond
15"Lourdes winter 2010"  3Jan 28, 2010malrajd  World
16"JUBILATE!!!"  3Oct 2, 2008stamporama  Makati
17"Lovely Lourdes"  8  11Jul 14, 2008Maryimelda  Brisbane
18"Lourdes for the 2008 Jubilee"Jul 7, 2008straveler  World
19"Peaceful City in the Pyrenees"  4  11Mar 3, 2008Marisola  Chicago
20"Lourdes, France"  1Nov 22, 2007wife2004  Norfolk
21"Lourdes"  1Nov 8, 2007kawanua  Los Angeles
22"Spiritual refuge"  2Sep 27, 2007laqjaw  Manila
23"Lourdes"  1  3Sep 19, 2007roamingpaddy  Cork
24"WHERE GOD MEETS THE WOUNDED MANKIND"  3Sep 1, 2007roeldc  Barcelona
25"Lourdes can be a pilgrimage or just sightseeing"  3Dec 21, 2006Beausoleil  Sacramento
26"PILGRIMAGE TO LOURDES"  1Oct 20, 2006mavl  Tokyo
27"a small town in the Pyrenees"  8  8Sep 14, 2006coolswizzle  New Jersey
28"A valley of graces"  4  27May 12, 2006Applelyn  Singapore
29"Lourdes Church"  9  11Jan 7, 2006orlandom  Toronto
30"Lourdes a place of Faith"  1  2Oct 29, 2005ncfg  Portugal
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