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6"Dubrovnik"Dec 20, 2005Phanerozoic  Belgrade
7"won't you take me on a Sea Cruise..."  3Oct 31, 2005monkeymoments  United Kingdom
8"Discovering Dubrovnik Riviera"  12  22Oct 28, 2005sandysmith  West Kirby
9"Dalmatian Coastline"  1  3Aug 18, 2005acugeek  Oakland
10"Pearl of the Adriatic"  18  27Aug 11, 2005Sambawalk  Hong Kong Island
11"Dive into your Fantasy"  3May 11, 2005bonaventura  Dubrovnik
12"Sweet Town"  5  9Feb 6, 2005VeraSI  Michigan
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14"Dubrovnik"Apr 24, 2004Ratgirl  San Francisco