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1"Antigua Guatemala"  1  8Feb 28, 2014GrumpyDiver  Ottawa
2"Antigua"  3Mar 31, 2013FlyingDutchmen  The Hague
3"A City to Walk Around"  2Apr 6, 2012mostaque  New York City
4"Charming, Romantic, Fun Antiqua"  1  6Mar 4, 2012wrldtrvlr3341  Orlando
5"December in antigua"  11Dec 25, 2011Bert_Pearson  Quebec
6"My Christmas in Antigua"  2Apr 22, 2011KMK61  World
7"Guatemala bound"  5  1Feb 4, 2011agcw  Vancouver
8"A different kind of vacation..and my 50th country"  13  31Dec 12, 2010flynboxes  Redondo Beach
9"A colonial gem"  28  77Nov 27, 2010toonsarah  Ealing
10"Amazing Antigua!"  3Oct 1, 2010Vulindlela  Indianapolis
11"Colonial Antigua"  9  30May 23, 2010JessieLang  Spokane
12"Summer of Spanish"  1  5May 16, 2010RavPadfoot  Olympia
13"Best Colonial Place in Central America"  1Feb 26, 2010jimmyswrld  Melbourne
14"Jumping Around Antigua!"  3  17Nov 17, 2009jumpingnorman  Phoenix
15"Second time in Antigua"  5  122Sep 30, 2009MalenaN  Europe
16"Guatemala"  2Sep 20, 2009jgemini65  McCall
17"Antigua, Guatemala"Mar 3, 2009smalltowntraveler  Spring Valley
18"Unusual Private Art gallery"  1  2Sep 28, 2008condessarte  World
19"Antigua Guatemala"  1  8Jul 14, 2008Mailo  Honduras
20"a trip to guatemala"  1Jun 1, 2008easyout4u  New Jersey
21"Antigua - Guatemala"  1Apr 23, 2008chizz  Doha
22"Volcano Love"Apr 20, 2008ERiger  Saint Petersburg
23"The first capital of Guatemala"  1Apr 10, 2008om_212  Kiev
24"Antigua"  1Mar 23, 2008Hesus  Miami
25"Antigua"  8  13Mar 16, 2008gfinesilver  Aspen
26"A Colonial Gem"  5  19Mar 15, 2008aztraveler2  Phoenix
27"Antigua"  33  138Mar 14, 2008Jim_Eliason   Grand Prairie
28"Friends Wedding"  1Feb 8, 2008Auspol  Prospect Heights
29"Guatemala"  1  7Feb 6, 2008kimberlyfisher1  Beverly Hills
30"Trip to Lake Atitlan and Antigua"  1  2Dec 27, 2007scheel1430  Houston
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