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1"San Juan"  8  39Jul 22, 2014xoxoxenophile  Brookings
2"A part of me always stays in Puerto Rico..."  2  3Nov 13, 2013love2travel2gther  Scottsdale
3"Oldest City In The U.S."  1Sep 17, 2013briantravelman  Oroville
4"I left my heart in Old San Juan"Aug 28, 2013Xhoshannah  Spirit Lake
5"500 YEARS OF HISTORY"  2  65May 16, 2013DAO  Wakefield
6"San Juan, Puerto Rico"  3Feb 16, 2013meteorologist1  Chicago
7"Beauiful San Juan, Peurto Rico"  1  4Dec 28, 2012asolotraveler  Seattle
8"San Juan, PR"  1Dec 9, 2011kawanua  Los Angeles
9"Prelude to a Cruise"  14  52Nov 20, 2011garridogal  Boston
10"The castles and the fortresses"  3  10Jun 10, 2011joiwatani  Seattle
11"A Portal History of a rich Caribbean Island"  1Apr 26, 2011jgacis  Alhambra
12"BIENVENIDOS!! Welcome to San Juan, Puerto Rico!"Mar 6, 2011cyngo  San Juan
13"Beautiful old town & the nicest people I have met"  1Sep 19, 2010XenoHumph  Houston
14"San Juan"  1May 20, 2010HotelMan  Hannover
15"La Ciudad del Encanto"  39  120Feb 8, 2010Jefie  Quebec
16"Jumping in San Juan, Puerto Rico!"  1Feb 2, 2010Jumping  Phoenix
17"San Juan"  24  43Jan 2, 2010Dabs  Chicago
18"Rainy San Juan"  1  8Nov 22, 2009webula  Redondo Beach
19"Beautiful, Enchanting San Juan!"  2  1Sep 27, 2009vabchtraveler  Virginia Beach
20"San Juan"  1  2Sep 19, 2009rolphbronkhorst  Dordrecht
21"WaRPer's very first time in the Caribbean!"  1  38Jul 23, 2009WaRPer  Bangkok
22"Jumping Around San Juan, Puerto Rico!"  16  69Jun 14, 2009jumpingnorman  Phoenix
23"Old San Juan"  1May 17, 2009girladventure  Bacolod City
24"Vibrant, colourful, historical, wow!"  3Mar 20, 2009Emile72  Espoo
25"Old San Juan, Puerto Rico"  6  10Feb 3, 2009807Wheaton  Evans
26"Travel Notes from San Juan"  16  87Dec 4, 2008gdilieto  Singapore
27"San Juan"  30  151Nov 4, 2008cjg1  New York City
28"Wonderful Old San Juan"  2  5Sep 24, 2008jgemini65  McCall
29"What a beautiful place!"Aug 25, 2008ashleyf83  Hudson
30"Mi Bello San Juan"Jul 28, 2008yepecita  Los Angeles
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