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1"Vibrant Southern town"  2Aug 5, 2013adelinemmc  London
2"Montpellier"Dec 2, 2012citytrip  Sheffield
3"Capital of Languedoc-Rousillon"  1  4Oct 22, 2012Toshioohsako  Klaipeda
4"Alluring capital of Languedoc-Roussillion region"  3Feb 16, 2011kenHuocj  Ottawa
5"Montpellier, South of France"  9  27May 12, 2010Suet   Penicuik
6"Montpellier"  1Apr 13, 2010ValbyDK  Copenhagen
7"Montpellier Is Not Far from the Mediterranean"  8  34Jan 4, 2010hquittner  New Orleans
8"Montpellier, FR"  6Jun 11, 2009dromosapien  Faribault
9"Montpellier"  2  13Apr 1, 2009deptlads  Deptford
10"MONTPELLIER AREA"Dec 8, 2007samuel2007  Montpellier
11"A perfect place to live"  15  43Oct 12, 2007BurgerQueen  Monza
12"France's Premier University Town"  1Sep 17, 2007mikey_e  Ottawa
13"Montpellier seen by an American"  1  3Sep 6, 2007gyljohnson  Montpellier
14"Montpellier travel"  1Aug 9, 2007bill32  Whitewood
15"Defenitely not my last visit!"Jul 31, 2007silleh  Hvidovre
16"Montpellier"  3Jul 10, 2007bwk_michael  Manchester
17"Montpellier"  3May 20, 2007Lunasia  Hong Kong Island
18"The Secret World of Montpellier"  9  10Feb 11, 2007jessiegirl  Chicago
19"La ville de mes études"  3Nov 8, 2006Klod5  Toulouse
20"Montpellier"  1Sep 3, 2006fvargasg  Ulm
21"Montpellier, the old and the new"  9  58Jun 25, 2006Kate-Me  Ballarat
22"I like this town !"  1Jun 22, 2006DOMIROCHELLE  Paris
23"Montpellier 2005"  1  4Dec 28, 2005kit_mc  London
24"student life"  1  3Dec 27, 2005catherineneill  Belfast
25"BEACH!!!!"  9Jul 30, 2005crazydingo  Zwolle
26"My first travel abroad"  1  1Jul 7, 2005basak  Bursa
27"My Home : The city who gives always a sunny smile!"  3Apr 13, 2005huangvanessa  Taipei
28"Montpellier"  1Mar 5, 2005buffalo1975  Oslo
29"Elaborate and Chic meets Student Life"  4  3Feb 16, 2005mickebear  Borgerhout
30"Beautiful Montpellier"  3Feb 12, 2005TinyTuck  Aachen
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