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1"Just PR"May 5, 2014mp4411  Haifa
2"Day trip"  4  9Jul 11, 2013xaver  Porto Recanati
3"colonia"  1  4Nov 19, 2012ines2003  Departamento de Canelones
4"Day trip to Colonia"  5  15Oct 14, 2012fairy_dust  Montreal
5"Colonia del Sacramento"  3May 28, 2012The_Capricorn  Erlangen
6"Colonia del Sacramento"  3Apr 29, 2012sachara  Emmen
7"Colonia del Sacramento"  4  7Apr 22, 2012Cockleshell  World
8"Is the whole of Uruguay really like this ?"  3Feb 1, 2012pugwashman  Reading
9"Gateway to the Silver River"  4  7Jan 28, 2012DSwede  Corpus Christi
10"Pure relaxation in Colonia"  3Dec 5, 2011BlueLlama  Manchester
11"Colonia"  3Jun 21, 2011malianrob  Los Angeles
12"Gemütlich, cozy city, on the river"  3  10Feb 18, 2011henri123  Île de Montréal
13"Wonderful Ancient Colonia"  11  21Dec 5, 2010easterntrekker  Halifax
14"Just like a Portuguese town"Apr 23, 2009brancolini  Lisbon
15"Jumping Around Colonia de Sacramento"  5  18Jan 30, 2009jumpingnorman  Phoenix
16"daytrip to uruguay"  3  29Dec 28, 2008shavy  Ieper
17"Uruguay - Colonia"  1Nov 27, 2008Rich_M_B  West Palm Beach
18"Colonia del Sacramento"  1Sep 26, 2008Robmj  Wanaka
19"Colonia del Sacramento"  3Aug 21, 2008iwys  Salalah
20"Colonia del Sacramento"  1  3Jun 28, 2008mcaffa  Buenos Aires
21"Going back in Time Machine"  9  26May 7, 2008fachd  Canberra
22"Colonia del Sacramento"  20  82Apr 6, 2008mircaskirca  Slovenia
23"Colónia de Sacramento"  1Oct 20, 2007nunobjorge  Lisbon
24"Nice Colonial Atmosphere"  6  14Sep 19, 2007TexasDave  Atlanta
25"A beautiful old town in Uruguay"  11  33Sep 18, 2007barryg23  Ealing
26"a sleepy little town, with a small, old world feel"  2May 24, 2007Tom_In_Madison  Madison
27"Colonial town on the other side of the river"  7  12Feb 20, 2007msocolin  Buenos Aires
28"Colonia de Sacramento"  3Jan 13, 2007Kathia2007  Lima
29"Colonia"  3Jan 1, 2007oceania26  Toronto
30"Colonia del Sacramento a Portuguese & Spanish Colo"  3Nov 14, 2006Virna  Chicago
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