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1"Old World Architecture in New World Environment"  5  26May 9, 2013fred98115  Seattle
2"MONTEVIDEO"  9  10Nov 30, 2012draguza  Milan
3"The secret is out!"  1Jun 6, 2012savvytravelador  Santa Fe
4"Montevideo"  3Apr 22, 2012Cockleshell  Preston
5"A Day at Estancia La Rabida"  3Mar 8, 2012Donna_in_India  New Jersey
6"I felt so Bovine"  1Feb 26, 2012kaloz  Cordova
7"Eclectic roots and culture"  6  9Jan 28, 2012DSwede  Charleston
8"MONTEVIDEO"  2  6Mar 15, 2011henri123  Île de Montréal
9"Montevideo"  3Feb 27, 2011darrellh  Washington D.C.
10"Bonio in Montevideo"  9  36Dec 8, 2010bonio  Rowell
11"Colourful Montevideo"  12  15Nov 25, 2010easterntrekker  Halifax
12"The airport was very modern..."Oct 28, 2010wilocrek  Salt Lake City
13"Jumping in Montevideo!"  1Aug 8, 2010Jumping  Phoenix
14"Montevideo: Mercosur sede"  1Apr 1, 2010Alless  Rio de Janeiro
15"Montevideo, Uruguay"  1  2Mar 21, 2010CAMILO9015  World
16"Montevideo"  1Mar 19, 2010Goner  Portsmouth
17"Montevideo - Loved It!"  3Oct 25, 2009Neilzonwheelz  Perth
18"Spanish studies in Montevideo"Oct 12, 2009lennartfolke  Stockholm
19"Montevideo, Uruguay"  2Oct 10, 2009misterdanger  World
20"A truly unique Experience"Aug 18, 2009Nicckie  Santa Monica
21"This Place Needs a Face Lift"Apr 2, 2009bpwarne  Markleeville
22"Uruguayan Capital City"  3Dec 6, 2008Ramonq  Makati
23"Not what I expected"  2  3Oct 8, 2008lalikes  Chicago
24"Montevideo - The Sixth Hill from East to West"  19  50Aug 4, 2008iwys  Salalah
25"Humble Montevideo"  11  14May 1, 2008Valeggua  Rotterdam
26"a smaller Rio"Apr 16, 2008MarcBrudane  Copenhagen
27"Montevideo"  2Apr 5, 2008ingosf  London
28"So, I was here too!"  1Apr 2, 2008MariaK  Greece
29"A Laid Back Metropolis"  7Mar 25, 2008jakelorenzo  Sonoma
30"Monte video , yes I saw the mountain as well"  33  160Mar 12, 2008globetrott  Vienna
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