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1"The hub of the region and the beaches"  11  5May 28, 2015gwened  Pluvigner
2"Nice was ok"  2Apr 26, 2015chattygirl7491  Ohio
3"Center of Cote' De Azur"  3Apr 11, 2015machomikemd  San Francisco
4"The French Riviera"  1  2Oct 30, 2014asianbelle  Manila
5"Pleasant French City close to Italy"  2  7Jun 14, 2014jorgejuansanchez  Hospitalet
6"Wonderful and Picturesque City"  2Jun 14, 2014jwilliams2005  Ohio
7"Nice, France"  2  9Mar 18, 2014Agraichen  Chula Vista
8"Nice, nicer, nicest"  3  13Dec 7, 2013Ekaterinburg  Cork
9"NICE LA BELLE- UNDER CONSTRUCTION"  4  6Nov 6, 2013Chickytrick  Moscow
11"Nice-France"  2  9Jun 9, 2013Sirvictor  Ankara
12"So happy I visited Nice"  2  8May 12, 2013Martman  Toronto
13"NICE | Refresh & Unwind"  1  3Mar 9, 2013jopetsy  Quezon City
14"Nice, France"  9  33Aug 15, 2012piosku67  Gdynia
15"Time At Cimiez and At The Carnival"  1  2Jul 19, 2012hquittner  New Orleans
16"It's nice to be in Nice"  1Feb 26, 2012kaloz  Cordova
17"Nice"  3  18Sep 22, 2011lotharscheer  Vienna
18"A trip with some kind of glamour.."  8Aug 6, 2011emotionx  Dottikon
19"Nice is nice"  1Jun 22, 2011penny_g  Sofia
20"Nice"Mar 6, 2011anexpatsadventure  Nice
21"Nice"  1Dec 8, 2010orix  Netanya
22"Nice, France"Nov 11, 2010Marisola  Chicago
23"Nice is Nice."  4  11Nov 3, 2010Pichayada  Bangkok
24"Nice to meet you"  3Oct 9, 2010Ramonq  Makati
25"Nice"  3Sep 9, 2010NomadicWorld  Warrington
26"Travelling to Nice"Aug 28, 2010reluctant_traveller  Reading
27"What an impressive place"  1  1Jul 2, 2010Bourgeois  Wollongong
28"As much Italian as French"  3  8Jun 27, 2010NedHopkins  Stockton
29"Nice"  20Jun 6, 2010a5floor  Apeldoorn
30"Nice is Nice....."  1Apr 23, 2010me_pesh  Nice
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