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1"A Roman City"  14  30May 15, 2014black_mimi99  France
2"Nimes"Oct 23, 2013Svillegas  Mollet
3"Nimes"Dec 2, 2012citytrip  Sheffield
4"To Feria or not to Feria? That is the question"  5  5Jun 3, 2012Dabs  Chicago
5"Nimes and "Le pont du gard""  1  6Mar 27, 2012didier06  Nice
6"Ancient city in southern France."  8  22Dec 12, 2011Jerelis  Hoogeveen
7"Another Arena and An Intact Roman Temple"  7  26Mar 8, 2011hquittner  New Orleans
8"Nimes"  6  9May 7, 2010Redang  Madrid
9"Pont du Gard near Nimes"  1  6Oct 14, 2009Toshioohsako  Klaipeda
10"Nimes, FR"  7Jun 11, 2009dromosapien  Faribault
11"nimes"May 11, 2009carpfanatic  Crewe
12"For the Roman remains, of course......."  13  55Aug 14, 2008leics  Leicester
13"Pont du Gard"  1  4Oct 20, 2007mustertal  World
14"Nīmes' Arena"  1Jun 28, 2007mjcCafe  Saint Louis
15"Roman Nimes"  4  7May 27, 2007roamer61  Long Island
16"Great witnesses of the Roman past"  4  11Apr 27, 2007lotharlerch  Telfs
17"Nimes"  1Apr 16, 2007kit_mc  London
18"Pont du Gard"  5  10Mar 19, 2007lonestar_philomath  Alexandria
19"Nimes"  2  4Feb 25, 2007Julie1and2  Jersey City
20"I <3 Nimes!"  1  3Oct 9, 2006Aprl24  Minneapolis
21"A few days in and around Nīmes"  11Sep 11, 2006SurfaceTravel  London
22"Roman Nimes"  6  20Jul 17, 2006Kate-Me  Ballarat
23"Pont du Gard"  1Jun 2, 2006davidtahd  Toledo
24"nimes"  1  5Apr 19, 2006billy75  Lincoln
25"Nīmes"Mar 26, 2006Jef5  Victoria
26"Nīmes"  6  7Jan 16, 2006Babzz  Canada
27"Chillin' in Nimes"  3Jan 5, 2006stevengovaerts  Gent
28"Nimes, capitale de la campagne!"  8  12Dec 25, 2005catherineneill  Belfast
29"Le Jarden de la Fontaine"  1Dec 1, 2005PAULA56  Stockport
30"In Provence"  2May 7, 2005pmaknight  Orlando
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