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3"Isla Taquile, a bubble in Titicaca"  14  17Jun 7, 2005SirRichard   Madrid
4"The best place in the north: ISLA TAQUILE"  8  19Dec 17, 2004schlumpf   Milan
5"Tiquile Island"  3  10Jan 26, 2004Waxbag   United States of America
6"Freecloud's Taquile Island"  14  23Sep 29, 2003FreeCloud  North Carolina
7"TAQUILE,where men knit...neither cats nor dogs!."  9  10Jun 1, 2003cbeaujean  Málaga
8"Taquile"  2  3Nov 18, 2002vanessadb  Miami
9"Lake Titikaka, Isla Taquili"  2Sep 12, 2002Yso  Peyrieu