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1"Welcome to Guayaquil"  7  2Apr 7, 2014MarcusM19  Kaiserslautern
2"Good for a day"  2  11Mar 8, 2014bpwarne  Markleeville
3"A stopover on my way to Galapagos Islands"  3Oct 17, 2013Gypsystravels  United States of America
4"Only an overnight stop"  4  14Jan 30, 2013toonsarah  Ealing
5"A short stop over in Guayaquil"  5  46Jul 12, 2011MalenaN   Europe
6"Guayaquil, Equador"  4  14Jan 24, 2009georeiser  Oslo
7"Santiago de Guayaquil - Up River"  17  121Nov 28, 2008grandmaR  Leonardtown
8"MI NENA Y YO :)"  2Sep 1, 2008czenck  Guayaquil
9"GUAYAQUIL EQUADOR"Jun 15, 2008DennyP  Parramatta
10"Guayaquil"  14  61Feb 16, 2008malianrob  Los Angeles
11"A Drink At Guayaquil - Ecuador"  4  12Nov 20, 2007GibsonOrtega  New York City
12"A busy city"  2  5May 1, 2007randhorn  Bergen
13"Guayaquil, Ecuador"  3Oct 24, 2006Agraichen  Chula Vista
14"City in front of the Galapagos Islands"  1Oct 3, 2006Prinsalsita  Washington D.C.
15"Biggest City of Ecuador"  2  13Aug 6, 2006Schmudi  Vienna
16"GUAYAQUIL- MY HOMETOWN"  19Jan 15, 2006SexyRedLips  Huntington Beach
17"Guayaquil's beautiful place to visit anytime...!!"  3  16Dec 21, 2005Worldexplorer001  Springfield
18"Seaside Guayaquil"  3Oct 25, 2005frankcanfly  Baltimore
19"Guayaquil"  18  33Oct 1, 2005Joemidwest  Granite City
20"Guayaquil"  3  4Aug 6, 2005jglsongs  New York City
21"Guayaquil"  3Apr 17, 2005mayadoc  San Salvador
22"Guayaquil - The 'Pearl of the Pacific'"  14  13Feb 22, 2005namastedc  Bangkok
23"The Port City of Guayaquil"  2  2Nov 23, 2004roamer61  Long Island
24"Looking back to the river"  11  22Sep 30, 2004Strannik  Guayaquil
25"Guayaquil"  3May 15, 2004brighidnatasha  Houston
26"A short stop in Guayaquil"  2  3May 2, 2004CaptainAmerica  World
27"Guayaquiiiil Guayaaa !"  2  2Sep 29, 2003Maillekeul  Paris
28"A typical South American port"  6Aug 30, 2003realde14  Paris
29"The Pacific's Pearl!!"Jun 5, 2003belle_n  Quito
30"guayaquil march 2003"  6Apr 2, 2003riku2  Nurmijärvi
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