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1"Great Beach, Great Food, But..."  2  10Mar 10, 2014bpwarne   Markleeville
2"Even birds like surfing in Montaņita!"  11  32May 7, 2008elsadran   Greece
3"EL PARAISO HECHO PLAYA.............."  3Feb 25, 2008Charlin_Baby  Buenos Aires
4"Montanita..."  25  143Feb 16, 2008malianrob   Los Angeles
5"The place where "everyone" goes"May 7, 2007randhorn  Bergen
6"MONTANITA, A CAPTIVATING PLACE!"  1  3Apr 24, 2007patnoelle  Princeton
7"Montanita, Ecuador's Surfing Mecca"  21  68Apr 18, 2007lemondrop  Baltimore
8"Welcome to Montanita"  2Dec 16, 2006eldelfinfeliz  World
9"Sun, sand and skunk"  2Mar 26, 2006trystanmd  Wales
10"Montaņita"Mar 8, 2005klebervillacis2477  Milagro
11"A land of real and fake surfers"  19  20May 1, 2004CaptainAmerica  World
12"A surfer place without surfing - Sans surfer"  1  14Jan 26, 2004Maillekeul  Paris
13"Montanita... .being lasy..dancing salsa!"  2Jan 5, 2004melsi  Aix-en-Provence