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1"A Certain Fading Grandeur"  10  42May 4, 2015Orchid  Melbourne
2"Buenos Aires"Mar 3, 2014Chinggis_n_Borte  Australia
3"Hustle and bustle of the big tango city"  4  20May 11, 2013fred98115  Seattle
4"Finally!"  21  50Apr 28, 2013xaver  Porto Recanati
5"atxtraveler's "The Layover" in EZE"Apr 7, 2013ATXtraveler  Allen
6"So much fun in Buenos Aires"Apr 5, 2013nyceagle1633  Jersey City
7"Buenos Aires--quick notes"  1Feb 24, 2013alexchip  Washington D.C.
8"BUENOS AIRES, SUMMER 2012"  15  64Feb 15, 2013cfuentesm  Mexico City
9"Basaic Buenos Aires Page"Feb 8, 2013Basaic  Sierra Vista
10"DON'T CRY FOR ME ARGENTINA"  29  31Nov 30, 2012draguza  Milan
11"Bs. As."  1  3Nov 15, 2012zampieri  Europe
12"Going to Buenos Aires to learn the tango"  19  55Oct 8, 2012fairy_dust  Montreal
13"TANGO! TANGO! TANGO!"  2Jul 15, 2012tathraman  Tathra
14"Buenos Aires"  3May 28, 2012The_Capricorn  Erlangen
15"Great Bars in Palermo"May 21, 2012sophie.kronk  World
16"Buenos Aires"  1  3May 4, 2012titihara  Oslo
17"Buenos Aires"  3Apr 29, 2012sachara  Emmen
18"Discovering Buenos Aires"  2Apr 19, 2012ManOnPlanetEarth  World
19"Buenos Aires"  3Apr 19, 2012Cockleshell  World
20"Buenos Aires"  5  19Apr 10, 2012blueskyjohn  New Jersey
21"A childhood dream"  2Feb 26, 2012kaloz  Cordova
22"Buenos Aires"  3Feb 1, 2012pugwashman  Reading
23"Buenos Aires"  8  23Jan 30, 2012pearly_p  Kuala Lumpur
24"Divine Buneos"  1  8Jan 3, 2012piosku67  Gdynia
25"Lilac in springtime"  2  9Dec 7, 2011BlueLlama  Manchester
26"Buenos Aires"Oct 30, 2011de_dalmolin  Estado de São Paulo
27"In love with Buenos Aires"  3  2Oct 21, 2011Lola81  Greater London
28"Dancing tango in Buenos Aires and learning Spanish"Aug 17, 2011tomfergu  World
29"I only had a couple of days...."  8  15Aug 6, 2011850prc  Florida
30"Plaza de Mayo"  3  9Jul 23, 2011henri123  Île de Montréal
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