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1"Precious"  7  17Jul 12, 2013xaver  Porto Recanati
2"Calafate an Entry for Patagonia and Glacier Moreno"  2  11May 15, 2013fred98115  Seattle
3"Calafate - a magic town"  1  8Feb 19, 2013Constanza  Buenos Aires
4"El Calafate"  1Jul 13, 2012ysio  Warsaw
5"El Calafate"  2  8Apr 24, 2012euzkadi  Guatemala
6"El Calafate"  6  28Jul 13, 2010spidermiss  Leeds
7"El Calafate - Abundant Gifts of Nature"  3Feb 13, 2010Neilzonwheelz  Perth
8"Jumping in El Calafate/Glacier Perito Moreno!"  2Feb 7, 2010Jumping  Phoenix
9"El Calafte - An overpriced tourist trap"  5Jan 7, 2008dtimoske  San Antonio
10"Gateway to the Glaciers"  5  15Dec 8, 2007barryg23  Ealing
11"Almost...."  1Oct 20, 2007parsix  Buenos Aires
12"A MUST PLACE TO ALL THE WORLD"  3Oct 4, 2007silvinapaula  Buenos Aires
13"Wild and wonderful"  26  73May 1, 2007TheWanderingCamel  State of Western Australia
14"Glaciares y Estancias / Glaciers and farms"  26  113Apr 16, 2007elpariente  Santander
15"Moreno and Fitzroy"Apr 8, 2007the___gecko  Canberra
16"La cittą pģł vicina ai ghiacciai"  2Feb 22, 2007Juanmatias  Naples
17"NEAR TO GOD!"  3  6Feb 11, 2007FDAZA64  Bogotá
18"El Perito Moreno Glaciar"  3Dec 19, 2006FlyingDutchmen  The Hague
19"Calafate"  16Nov 12, 2006VianneR  Arkansas
20"A whole lot of ice!"  1Oct 31, 2006PrincessMonja  Málaga
21"El Calafate - glaciers and steppe"  18  48Oct 15, 2006vtveen  Apeldoorn
22"Calafate - in western Patagonia"  5  21Sep 28, 2006Luchonda  Gent
23"El Calafate"  1  1May 17, 2006lolitajane  Buenos Aires
24"I've never seen water that blue before!"  8  38Apr 28, 2006Veghel  Netherlands
25"THE HEADQUARTER OF PATAGONIA"  7Feb 20, 2006balihai69  Madrid
26"Welcome to Patagonia"  2  3Jan 22, 2006DSwede  Mokp'o
27"Patagonia"  2  6Jan 3, 2006Josilver  Sydney
28" THE GLACIERS: WHAT A COOL TRIP!!! "  1  5Nov 13, 2005Frisbeeace  Buenos Aires
29"El Calafate and the Perito Moreno glacier"  3Nov 6, 2005EdVallance  Oxford
30"Perito Moreno - a breathtaking spectacle"  22  52Oct 19, 2005Maggies  Krakow
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