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1"Tea & Scones"  1Mar 8, 2012Donna_in_India  New Jersey
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3"Lady Di visited"  1Oct 4, 2007silvinapaula  Buenos Aires
4"Center of Welsh Culture"  2  4Oct 2, 2007TexasDave  Atlanta
5"The Valleys of Wales - in Argentina!"  1  2Mar 31, 2007SabrinaSummerville  Waterford
6""Outsider Art" comes to Patagonia"  1  11Dec 4, 2005ellielou  Baltimore
7"Welsh Patagonia"  3Dec 2, 2004leok  London
8"A piece of Wales in Patagonia"  14  14Sep 20, 2003andal13  Montevideo
9"Gaiman"  2  2Apr 26, 2003sof76  Buenos Aires