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1"Patagonian sights nearby to this small town"  3  16May 14, 2013fred98115  Seattle
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5"the gateway to the patagonia coast"  6  18Dec 28, 2008shavy  Ieper
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8"pingiuns and sheep?"Oct 17, 2007VianneR  Arkansas
9"Puerto Madryn"  2Oct 4, 2007silvinapaula  Buenos Aires
10"Gateway for Peninsula Valdes"  1  3Oct 2, 2007TexasDave  Atlanta
11"Planet Pinguino"Apr 8, 2007the___gecko  Canberra
12"Where the Sealions Bask"  3Apr 1, 2007SabrinaSummerville  Waterford
13"Whale watching"  8  27Sep 28, 2006Luchonda  Gent
14"Christmas on the beach"  2Jan 16, 2006Vaughanie  London
15"Peninsula Valdes / Punta Tombo"  3Nov 6, 2005EdVallance  Oxford
16"Puerto Madryn"  7  18Oct 12, 2005msocolin  Buenos Aires
17"Península Valdés and Punta Tombo"  20  33May 9, 2005Maggies  Krakow
18"Well Actually This Page is on Punta Tombo"  5  6May 1, 2005msforbes  Hans Island
19"Gateway to the Peninsula, Penguins, and Dinosaurs"  1Apr 2, 2005LostGringo  Edmonton
20"Launchpad to the Peninsula"  5  7Dec 1, 2004leok  London
21"Marine Wildlife on Península Valdés"  2  36Sep 7, 2004TinyTuck  Aachen
22"BOUNDLESS LANDS"  17  47Aug 1, 2004Orkaena  Argentina
23"Whales"  3Nov 15, 2003omar_samra  London
24"Mara, there are a lot!!!"  1  4Nov 9, 2003fga  Haarlem
25"Whales & Wales"  25  26Sep 21, 2003andal13  Montevideo
26"the Patagonian Desert and the wildlife at Valdes"  6  6Aug 24, 2003realde14  Paris
27"Puerto Madryn"  6  9Apr 25, 2003sof76  Buenos Aires
28"Puerto Madryn"  1  1Apr 20, 2003Boxerworld  Mougins
29"Puerto Madryn - gateway to Pen. Valdez (kind of)"  2  17Mar 21, 2003L-A  Ottawa
30"Visitas en Puerto Madryn"  1Dec 27, 2002marioaguila  Puerto Montt