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8"San Carlos De Bariloche!"  1Aug 18, 2008Eriol  Houston
10"Mountains & Lakes Galore"  1Feb 28, 2008Andraf  Bucharest
11"San Carlos de Bariloche"  1Jan 11, 2008tbnyc  New York City
12"Learning Spanish in the Mountains"  1Nov 18, 2007barryg23  Ealing
13"San Carlos de BARILOCHE"  2Oct 4, 2007silvinapaula  Buenos Aires
14"Busy Lake District City"  9  24Sep 19, 2007TexasDave  Atlanta
15"San carlos de Bariloche"  3May 11, 2007jghpmontt  Puerto Montt
16"The orange"Apr 18, 2007the___gecko  Canberra
17"San Carlos de Bariloche"  19  59Mar 25, 2007elpariente  Santander
18"Bariloche - chocolate capital of the world"  12Feb 18, 2007skatzcatz  Darwin
19"Magic Bariloche"  1Jan 24, 2007Dicomo  Coquimbito
20"Lakes and mountains, forests and falls"  25  60Jan 20, 2007TheWanderingCamel  State of Western Australia
21"San Carlos de Bariloche"  1  3Nov 13, 2006VianneR  Arkansas
22"Bariloche"  2Jun 30, 2006rafgys  Santiago
23"Capital of Patagonia"  6  13Apr 30, 2006Veghel  Netherlands
24"The most idylic place on earth"  3Mar 26, 2006Vaughanie  London
25"Edelweiss, Edelweiss...."  2Feb 10, 2006snailsaregreat  Oban
26"Bariloche, adventure and relax"  2Nov 14, 2005PaulaT  Buenos Aires
27" BARILOCHE - GATEWAY TO THE PATAGONIA "  7  8Jul 24, 2005Frisbeeace  Buenos Aires
28"My Furthest Southern Sojourn"  4  7Jul 15, 2005mydreamquest  San Francisco
29"One of the world's most beautiful spots"  2  5May 3, 2005Porteno  Buenos Aires
30"Barriloche"  3Apr 21, 2005sahori  Brasil
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