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1"Crowning city of French Kings."  3Dec 15, 2014Oleg_D.  Saint Petersburg
2"A tale of two nights"  6  22Aug 26, 2014BlueLlama  Manchester
3"The Journey to Reims"  21  83Jan 12, 2014Nemorino   Frankfurt am Main
4"REIMS, MAIN DOOR TO LA CHAMPAGNE"  10  54Apr 27, 2013Orkaena  Argentina
5"Royal City of France"  7  32Mar 1, 2013rexvaughan  Decatur
6"Chimay"  3Aug 25, 2012Rick_Feineis  Virginia Beach
7"Reims"  2  5Jan 3, 2012csordila  Budapest
8"REIMS WHATEVER POPS YOUR CORK"  1  4Sep 4, 2011JohnnySpangles  London
9"Reims - Champagne and the Cathedral"  3  13Jun 26, 2011Herkbert  Williamsville
10"Reims"  34  148Nov 23, 2010MM212  London
11"The First Symmetrical Gothic Cathedral"  4  19Apr 19, 2010hquittner  New Orleans
12"Reims"  1Jul 2, 2009t_cinanni  Perth
13"Champagne city of history"  4  17Jun 25, 2009Beausoleil  Sacramento
14"The Capital of Champagne Country"  4  15Nov 16, 2008Tom_Fields  Washington D.C.
15"Reims"  2  4Aug 22, 2008aquatic  Vancouver
16"Reims..Champagne & Churches"  3  17Aug 21, 2008jnyvegas  North America
17"Champange"Jul 18, 2008ladagspa  Delhi
18"REIMS - Capital of the Champagne region"  3May 20, 2008amyhenderson  Sydney
19"Reims, FR"  9Mar 9, 2008dromosapien  Faribault
20"Reims : city of the kings"  14  38Aug 12, 2007mariev  Paris
21"The first big city out of Paris for us, Reims."Jul 3, 2007australia2  Melbourne
22"The Capital of Champagne"  12  13May 9, 2007dimilag  Thessaloniki
23"Reims"  3Apr 18, 2007Kid-A  Kaiserslautern
24"Reims, France"Apr 8, 2007hollykate  Wisconsin
25"The city of champain"  2Mar 2, 2007crostudent  Grobnik
26"Reims"Feb 17, 2007JadeDVM  Okemos
27"Historic Reims"  3  4Sep 2, 2006pedroswift   Brisbane
28"Un week end Reims..."  7Nov 13, 2005cocodette  Vincelles
29"Reims"  1Jul 31, 2005lagodicomo  Abingdon-on-Thames
30"Reims, France * Nice City with Beautiful Cathedral"  1Jun 25, 2005davidtahd  Toledo
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