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1"Pleasant city with a nice beach."  1  4Jul 19, 2014cachaseiro  Denmark
2"Joao Pessoa"  1Apr 22, 2012brian_robert_d  Buenos Aires
3"The eastern most city in South America"  2Nov 29, 2008rkearns  Vieques
4"Joćo Pessoa my Paradise."May 25, 2008Wasa-Rodig  Brazil
5"JAMPA"  2  6Apr 10, 2008schnaider  Curitiba
6"Joao Pessoa"  1  3Oct 3, 2006ChelaMuniz  Buenos Aires
7"Joao Pessoa"  3Sep 12, 2006mircaskirca  Slovenia
8"Joao Pessoa"  3  5Feb 7, 2006realde14  Paris
9"only some hours!"Dec 12, 2005ludogatto  Bologna
10"Joćo Pessoa outruns your wildest dreams!"  1  5Oct 2, 2005Jaco_Emmen  China
11"MY SWEET TROPICAL WINTER"  10  13Jun 18, 2005RafaelTheSecond  Rio de Janeiro
12"The easternmost point of South America"  1  2Jun 16, 2005Kittelite  Amager
13"Joao Pessoa, Brazil"  65  70Jun 7, 2004FrediKesselring  João Pessoa
14"I REALLY LOVED THIS PLACE!!"  1Sep 7, 2002janaina  Santa Barbara
15"Joćo Pessoa"Aug 31, 2002Julie_B  Dublin