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1"Small colonial town"  1  2Mar 15, 2014draguza  Milan
2"Black Gold with Blue Skies"  1  3Jul 7, 2013DSwede  Mokp'o
3"European Taste with a Brazilian Twist"  5  18Oct 28, 2010wilocrek  Salt Lake City
4"Jumping in Ouro PrÍto"  1Jul 2, 2010Jumping  Phoenix
5"The prettiest town i have seen in Brazil so far."  9  17Jul 1, 2010cachaseiro   Denmark
6"The town of black gold"  7  5Dec 22, 2009deeper_blue  London
7"Beautiful Ouro Preto"  3  5Aug 2, 2009JohnniOmani  Kampala
8"An astonishing city!"  13  82Apr 9, 2009elsadran  Greece
9"The gilded Age"  3Feb 22, 2008Romannies  Heilbronn
10"Ouro Preto - Ways to get there and move around"  1Nov 20, 2007Dutras  Gramado
11"Ouro Preto"  7  19Oct 22, 2007mircaskirca  Slovenia
12"Old colonial town with young population"May 24, 2007kubowsky  Istanbul
13"Black Gold"  3Feb 8, 2007maharaja_joe  Washington D.C.
14"Ouro Preto - The 18th century city"  1Dec 3, 2006luwan  São Paulo
15"Ouro Preto"  1Nov 17, 2006skullcrusher  Oakland
16"Ouro Preto"  3Sep 12, 2006kakajp  Brazil
17"Ouro Preto : heart of Minas"  1Jul 22, 2006Ipanema_Princess  Neuilly-sur-Seine
18"OURO PRETO"  1Jun 16, 2006popoze  Brugge
19"Ouro Preto"  1  6Apr 4, 2006bsfreeloader  Sofia
20"Ouro Preto"  6  22Jan 22, 2006solopes  Turquel
21"Spirits in the hills."  2  19Dec 15, 2005peace_prevails  Texas
22"Ouro Preto: The Old Capital of Minas Gerais"  5  17Nov 11, 2005Gwynethart  San Francisco
23"Black Gold"  9  7Jul 4, 2005racheljapi  Rio de Janeiro
24"Ouro Preto"  6Apr 23, 2005Johnnyd1  New York City
25"I live in Ouro Preto"Mar 30, 2005suop  Ouro Prêto
26"City of Churches"  1Jul 29, 2004jadedmuse  Saint Louis
27"Outro Preto"  6  8Apr 13, 2004dargains  Rio de Janeiro
28"Ouro Preto"  17  34Dec 7, 2003NedHopkins  Stockton
29"Ouro Preto, Spring 2003"Dec 5, 2003mypeekay  Toronto
30"Lovely Ouro Preto"  1  8Oct 13, 2003Ramonq  Makati
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