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1"Capital of Happiness"  13  15May 31, 2012DSwede   Charleston
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8"Salvador da Bahia"  2Jul 19, 2008wanderingi  Toronto
9"Salvador - Beautiful!!!!"  1Jun 29, 2008Marciario  Estado do Rio de Janeiro
10"Capoeira, dancing, beaches, culture, & Love"  7  32Oct 9, 2007Julissa2007  New York City
11"SALVADOR: A good place to visit"  1May 14, 2007marcbrazil  Rio de Janeiro
12"Coracao do Brasil"  6  24May 8, 2007K-nalla  Lima
13"Rich Afro-Brazil Culture of Salvador"  6Dec 16, 2006oceania26  Toronto
14"Salvador"  1Aug 20, 2006Karinka69  Boston
15"When I'm not in Bahia, I'm wishing I was"May 22, 2006Aquarela  Albany
16"Beautiful Bahia - I'll be back to Arembepe!"  1Mar 23, 2006Claytk  Duluth
17"Hotel in Salvador, Brazil-Village Novo"  1Mar 13, 2006Salvador-Bahia  San Francisco
18"El tiempo se detuvo en Pelourinho"  1Feb 26, 2006URBANNO45  Bogotá
19"Welcome to Brasil - the land of happiness ..."  43Sep 18, 2005ANACONDA2  Montreal
20"Salvador"  4  4Aug 18, 2005cimc  Dublin
21"Salvador Bahia Brazil"  1  4Apr 29, 2005oldsalt46  Houston
22"Salvador, city of all saints and sinful carnaval"  4  4Mar 30, 2005magadeluna  Salvador
23"Bahia...The Friendliest Place on Earth"  8  9Nov 6, 2004e_crowe  Los Angeles
24"Salvador da Bahia"  11  23Nov 25, 2003IIGUANA  Santiago
25"Salvador, brasil"  1Nov 19, 2003Krissypoo  Tucson
26"Salvador"  1Nov 10, 2003Levavie  Daytona Beach