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10"Paradise"  3Oct 24, 2009bwk_michael  Manchester
11"Phu Quoc - Pearl Island as called in Vietnamese"  1Apr 17, 2008locbuuloc  Gold Coast
12"Most enchanting island in the world........"  1  5Sep 12, 2007herbalswiss  Taiwan
13"Phu Quoc island."  7  27Jul 20, 2007pfsmalo  La Gouesnière
14"Phu Quoc - Island Getaway"  3  9Nov 4, 2006Neilzonwheelz  Perth
15"Saigon Phu Quoc Resort"  1  5Oct 22, 2006TheSnowQueen  London
16"Phu Quo"  1Jun 2, 2006TonyBagnall  Norwich
17"Island Life - Vietnam Style"  5  14Apr 24, 2006sieffron  Somerville
18"Phu Quoc"  13  19Jan 8, 2006ozpaul  Wollongong
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20"Wonderful Island"  7  2Jun 15, 2005mai_lam  Singapore
21"Vietnam's top spot for beaching yourself!"  11  13May 5, 2005worldkiwi  Auckland Region
22"A week on Phu Quoc Island"  14  17Apr 10, 2005jolou  London
23"Phu Quoc - the last paradise"  4Jan 29, 2005queenofoceans79  Helsinki
24"If you need sunshine to your life..."  3  6Aug 18, 2004N.S.  Finland