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1"Saigon"  1  7May 9, 2015PeterVancouver  Tsawwassen
2"Ho Chi Minh"  3Feb 3, 2015Kenny_Tham  Singapore
3"Viet Cong-quering Friends and Colleagues"  1  5Sep 10, 2014crisgastardo  Quezon City
4"Home Spa"  1Apr 24, 2014NganL  Ho Chi Minh City
5"Ho Chi Minh City ~ HCMC ~ Saigon"  2  13Mar 3, 2014Chinggis_n_Borte  Australia
6"HCMC Tour in Nov 2013"Oct 5, 2013chandrajw  World
7"Ho Chi Minh City"  9  25Jul 7, 2013IreneMcKay   Hong Kong
8"Vietnam's largest and most exciting city"  8  57Jun 23, 2013shavy  Ieper
9"Ho Chi Minh City (Saigon), Vietnam"  23  222Jun 3, 2013SWFC_Fan  Sheffield
10"Xin chào Ho Chi Minh!"  12  36May 3, 2013heydelin  Antipolo
11"Crazy, bizarre Ho Chi Minh City"  9  25Mar 16, 2013annase  Leeds
12"I'm Lost and I Can't Get Out"  6  18Jan 23, 2013xymmot  Richmond
13"ho chi minh never lonely"  1Dec 30, 2012nadhrahzaki  World
14"HO CHI MINH"  28  83Oct 10, 2012alyf1961  Leeds
15"Saigon = Ho Chi Minh City"  16  83Sep 5, 2012theguardianangel  City of Manila
16"Good Food, Good Walks and Good People"  2  7Aug 4, 2012debay  Davao City
17"Resilience in a Time of War"  5  22May 22, 2012wilocrek  Salt Lake City
18"Busy as a Bee"  5  9Apr 9, 2012Ramonq  Makati
19"Experience Saigon"  2  9Mar 27, 2012pres_16  City of Manila
20"Too Hot the city"  2Feb 1, 2012anhdo  World
21"Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam"  4  20Jan 29, 2012elhombre30  Makati
22"Crazy Streets, Motorbikes Everywhere"  1  8Jan 7, 2012Rastarigo  Bohol
23"TPHCM"  34  22Dec 3, 2011chunk38  Maryland
24"Notre Dame"  1Dec 2, 2011drunkenmaster4  Angono
25"Ho Chi Minh City"  1  3Oct 23, 2011Bekksta  Perth
26"The bustling metropol of Vietnam."  12  30Oct 20, 2011cachaseiro  Denmark
27"Ho Chi Minh City"  9  38Sep 2, 2011schurman23  City of Manila
28"Saigon ~"  3  8Aug 26, 2011brigitte_lee  Singapore
29"Ca Na Beach – the “Sleeping Princess” (VIETNAM)"Aug 21, 2011pv_fidi  Ho Chi Minh City
30"4 Days in Ho Chi Minh City (HCMC)"  5  25Aug 20, 2011SurfaceTravel  London
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