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1"Day-trip to Saint-Malo"  7  34Jan 12, 2015himalia11  Schupbach
2"Saint - Malo"  2  13Aug 29, 2014CDM7   Dorset
3"Very Relaxing"Jun 30, 2014jamiesno  Goose Bay
4"Trip to St Malo with Brittany Ferries"  3Oct 17, 2013tonymweaver  Gosport
5"First Landfall after crossing"  2May 23, 2013kaloz  Cordova
6"Les grands voiliers of Saint-Malo"  2  23Aug 21, 2012wise23girl  State of Queensland
7"A city with view towards the ocean"  21  80Jul 13, 2012gwened  Pluvigner
8"Of fortresses and islands"  36  46Jul 6, 2012CatherineReichardt  Johannesburg
9"Saint-Malo"  11Aug 1, 2010lotharscheer  Vienna
10"Lovely Saint-Malo"  6  23Apr 5, 2010annase  Leeds
11"St Malo - entrance to Bretagne"  1Jan 28, 2010illumina  Worcester
12"Saint Malo"  1Jul 19, 2009Denet  Saint Peter Port
13"festival "étonnants voyageurs ""  9Jun 8, 2009coucou7  Saint-Cyr-l'École
14"Saint Malo"  1May 16, 2009NickReardon  Saint Peter Port
15"A beautiful beach near all the history"Aug 26, 2008junglemcll  Columbus
16"Saint-Malo, France"  5  47Jun 24, 2008SWFC_Fan  Sheffield
17"A very nice surprise and a must see"  1  2Jun 22, 2008codrutz  Bucharest
18"St Malo... ah tres tranquil"  11Jan 25, 2008bisous333  London
19"Saint Malo - City of Corsaire"  17  19Jan 8, 2008black_mimi99  France
20"The Walled Town"  11  62Oct 23, 2007hquittner  New Orleans
21"Fortress Town on the invasion shore"  1Oct 2, 2007Orchid  Melbourne
22"Saint Malo and horizon"  7  16Aug 15, 2007Toshioohsako  Klaipeda
23"The Fortress of Normandy's Coast"  9  14May 4, 2007dimilag  Thessaloniki
24"St malo"Apr 23, 2007Richard152  World
25"Camping on the hills around Saint-Malo"  3Apr 10, 2007evilboomer  Essen
26"St. Malo"  10  53Apr 5, 2007pfsmalo  La Gouesnière
27"Saint-Malo the proud "Corsair" town"  1  4Jul 31, 2006Martinewezel  Belgium
28"St-Malo"  6  21Jul 25, 2006sue_stone  Sydney
29"St Malo, on the Brittany north coast"  11  50Jun 25, 2006Kate-Me  Ballarat
30"St Malo!!!!!!!!"  1Jun 22, 2006barney1974  Washington State
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