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1"A Slice of Pai"  3May 29, 2013flyme2rio  Port Orchard
2"A Slice Of PAI-adise (Bueng Pai Farm)"  1  5Jan 28, 2012PrairieDog69  Jerome
3"The road to Pai"  1Jan 4, 2012GlobalTrecker  Pattaya
4"Pai - a small village in Mea-hong-sorn"  3Dec 23, 2009Kana-Jeab  Bangkok
5"Pai Touristic village"  3  3Apr 13, 2009iammon  Thun
6"Pai forever"  1Feb 12, 2009DiMobile  Yekaterinburg
7"Some calls here Utopai.."  1Aug 19, 2006rashoo  Alaska
8"Pai - Lovely town"  3Aug 15, 2006voo888doo  Singapore
9"Relax in Pai"  5  7Jul 21, 2006itsCharlie  Shanghai
10"Pai"  2Dec 27, 2005nabunay  Singapore
11"Living by do nothing in Pai"  17  22Dec 8, 2005zazatann  Bangkok
12"Chilling in Pai"  5  9Jul 24, 2005prikje  Genk
13"bibbly bobbly town"  1Apr 21, 2005harmlessphil  Brighton
14"Pai ~ A Beautiful Town Amidst the Mountains"  1Apr 6, 2005icyjo24  Singapore
15"Pai"  4  16Jan 18, 2005gib157  Norwich
16"Pai"  2  3Feb 18, 2004sandravdp  Haarlem
17"Pai: Peacefull oasis in the mountains"  2  7Feb 16, 2004AMOQUE  Haarlem
18"Utopai"  5Oct 11, 2003Bethany80  London
19"Pai"  3  11Aug 29, 2003pattayaraj  Bangkok
20"Pai"  5  7May 18, 2003paradisedreamer  Cape Town
21"Pai"  2  11Mar 15, 2003SumTingWong  Vancouver
22"Chill out and go hiking!"  9  17Feb 23, 2003joh28  Munich
23"Pai"  3Feb 14, 2003papajoeb  Rocky Mountain House
24"The place that you can hide from busiling world"  10  14Oct 31, 2002hana_aya  Bangkok
25"Pai, rural northern Thailand at its best"  8  16Oct 5, 2002call_me_rhia  Europe