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1"Colombo" Apr 9, 2014citytrip  Sheffield
2"Colombo, Sri Lanka"  51Mar 24, 2014SWFC_Fan  Sheffield
3"The Busy Capital"  1  4Jan 25, 2014DSwede  Charleston
4"Under construction, please be patient."  35  177Jan 22, 2014planxty    London
5"Sri Lankas vibrant capital."  4  7Jan 3, 2013cachaseiro  Denmark
6"Colombo"  1Jul 24, 2012bharat_tanwar  New Delhi
7"Gateway to Sri Lanka"  2  5May 27, 2012Ramonq  Makati
8"Colombo"Mar 26, 2012chrissyms  Swansea
9"Colombo"  23  90Jan 4, 2012anilpradhanshillong  Shillong
10"Colombo"Nov 28, 2011vinceckw  Kuala Lumpur
11"just chill"  1  8Oct 1, 2011lhany  Quezon City
12"COLOMBO, A CITY WITH CHARACTER"  3Apr 8, 2011mavl  Tokyo
13"Of Coconuts and Tuk Tuk"  2Mar 5, 2011Mozumbus  Karachi
14"mount lavinia"  5Mar 2, 2011windpaard  Leuven
15"Colombo"  2Sep 2, 2010earthflyer  England
16"Colombo"  3May 2, 2010sachara  Emmen
17"Colombo - Land of rice and curry and serendipidty"  1  1Oct 10, 2009docmeyer  Virginia Beach
18"Colombo"  1  8May 1, 2009lotharscheer  Vienna
19"Colombo- Capital of Lanka!"  3Dec 21, 2008abi_maha  Bangalore
20"Peace at Last and its Clearly Visible"  9  15Oct 17, 2008explore_discover  Karachi
21"COLOMBO"  8  18Aug 28, 2008ViajesdelMundo  Los Barriles
22"PLEASE MOVE ON TO OTHER PAGES"  1  2Jan 11, 2008xuessium  Shanghai
23"Colombo, Ceylon"Jan 11, 2008Sunnysuzi  Taunton
24"Colombo"  8Nov 23, 2007xiquinho  Macao
25"Colombo, the capital city of Srilanka"  1Nov 20, 2007sharatkum  Beirut
26"My Home Town"  2Oct 30, 2007shawnbrito  Colombo
27"myColomboSL"Sep 18, 2007ranjo_g  World
28"Colombo"  1  1May 6, 2007kissmagdi  Cork
29"Colombo"  3Apr 30, 2007husain  Delhi
30"Fishing around Colombo"  1Apr 2, 2007SamanHewage  Colombo
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