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5"St Valery - Under The Boardwalk (there's some mud)"  1  4Aug 8, 2008JohnnySpangles  London
6"Beautiful town at the magical Baie de Somme"  2  4Sep 30, 2007Museeuw  Zottegem
7"Saint Valery sur Somme"  6  27Apr 23, 2007GUYON  Paris
8"Saint-Valéry and the Bay de Somme"  21  35Nov 9, 2006Martinewezel  Belgium
9"The "Baie de Somme""  25  37Nov 2, 2006wandeljp  Dadizele
10"Old town in a wonderful bay : Saint Valery"  3Aug 24, 2005ptitetoile  Brussels
11"St Valery, Baie de Somme"  6  7Jun 28, 2005Ipanema_Princess  Neuilly-sur-Seine
12"Beautiful part of France"  1  4Jun 9, 2004neilward  Bridgend
13"St Valery Sur Somme"  2  4May 30, 2004nhcram  Dover