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1"The City of Smiles"  3Oct 23, 2014audspice  Antipolo
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4"BACOLOD | Will Definitely Go Back"  3  10Mar 9, 2013jopetsy  Quezon City
5"BACOLOD"  11  41Apr 21, 2012theguardianangel   City of Manila
6"Bacolod: The City of Smiles"  6Feb 4, 2012Laog-a-wata  Makati
7"A very wonderful place."  12  78Feb 1, 2012planxty  London
8"Gateway to Kan Laon..."  1Jan 23, 2012Greggor58  Ottawa
9"Bacolod-City of Smiles"  3Sep 28, 2011emily120  Manila
10"ON......CHASING.......MASSKARA FESTIVAL 2011"  53  122May 20, 2011paolodecastro  Calumpit
11"Bacolod = Masskara!!!"  1  1Oct 19, 2010monina_c  Sariaya
12"The land that sugar built"  2  2Apr 30, 2010berenices  Lisbon
13"I love Bacolod!"  3Dec 10, 2009travelingcebuano  Cebu City
14"bacolod in a swift"Mar 25, 2009YHANKIE  Manila
15"My, my Bacolod"  2Sep 28, 2008che2_75  Bacolod
16"Bacolod, the place am FORCE to live IN!"  3  6Oct 13, 2007michaelxxx  Bacolod
17"Bacolod Wedding"  2Jun 28, 2005michellebayquen  San Jose
18"Where My Heart Will Always Be..."  6  9Sep 24, 2004XTINETOTENGCO  Manila