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1"Fresh Air & Cool Wind? It's Camp John Hay!"  2  8Apr 11, 2015abegailc22  La Trinidad
2"Family Cooling Destination"  1  8Sep 10, 2014crisgastardo  Quezon City
3"B A G U I O"  3  7Mar 3, 2014Chinggis_n_Borte   Australia
4"known to be the "summer capital of the philippines"  3Dec 19, 2013naoren259  Cebu City
5"Baguio City"  3Nov 28, 2013johnlovesme  Las Pinas
6"Baguio City"  1Mar 7, 2013danyelspips  Vigan
7"City of Pines"  4  15Oct 22, 2012miguel_arcangel  City of Manila
8"Thank you Manny Paquiao for the Baguio Visit"  3Jul 21, 2012JinkeeR  Paranaque
9"Baguio City Now and Then"  16  79Jun 13, 2012nixca316  Paranaque
10"Summer in Baguio"  3  6Jun 4, 2012Miaherce  San Pedro
11"Baguio City"  3May 28, 2012marlo.flores  Makati
12"baguio trippin"  1May 5, 2012lyrick  Kidapawan
13"bAgUiO cItY - sUmMeR cApItAl Of tHe PhIlIpPiNeS"  1  5Mar 18, 2012suroyista  Davao City
14"baguio trip"May 21, 2011jacqui_in_the_hauz  Nasugbu
15"Of lions and people"  1Mar 8, 2011decafondlus  Manila
16"Baguio"  1Mar 7, 2011andrealhiza  Qatar
17"Life in Baguio"Dec 30, 2010hrh_aubrey  Bohol
18"Strawberry Picking"  1Oct 3, 2010eseren23  Philippines
19"Baguio City - Summer capital of the Philippines"  1Mar 20, 2010imeley  Norway
20"Philippine's Summer Capital"  1  8Feb 19, 2010armandj  San Jose
21"Loving Baguio"  1  5Oct 27, 2009mastercooks  Manila
22"Baguio and climb to Mt.Pulag"  3Apr 29, 2009OH_DK  Denmark
23"Revisiting Baguio"  7  13Dec 10, 2008f8stop  Cainta
24"ADVERTISING JOURNEY"  1Jul 18, 2008glennhb  California
25"Baguio City"  1  3Apr 11, 2008phillygirlatheart  Philadelphia
26"My trips to Baguio"  3Apr 9, 2008clinique27  Bacoor
27"Baguio - Under Construction!"  1Apr 3, 2008lahoree  Lahore
28"The Philippine's Summer Capital"  11Mar 24, 2008XTINETOTENGCO  Manila
29"Summer Destination 1: Baguio"  10  10Mar 23, 2008labyrnth29  Manila
30"baguio"  3Mar 17, 2008Adrenaline0616  Quezon City
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