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1"Something I can't describe...except saying awesome"  18  74Dec 21, 2014shavy   Ieper
2"Banaue"  1  8Mar 16, 2014June.b  Palawan
3"Banaue - Rice Terraces"  2  8Mar 3, 2014Chinggis_n_Borte  Australia
4"The most beautiful place in Luzon"  4  18Jul 24, 2013heydelin  Antipolo
5"Banaue--The Philippines stairs to heaven"  3  11Jul 4, 2013IamPam  Olongapo City
6"Banaue Rice Terraces"  3May 15, 2013marlo.flores  Makati
7"Banaue trip"  1  6Jul 8, 2012PPEI  City of Manila
8"Banaue and My Solo D.I.Y. trip"  11  19Nov 9, 2011paolodecastro  Calumpit
9"The Batad Village Experience"May 14, 2011Candy20  World
10"A peaceful mountain retreat"  1  6Jan 29, 2010lakbayPinas  Mandaluyong
11"Stairway to heaven!"  3Aug 9, 2009marc09  Quezon City
12"'same old brand new baNAue..?"  7  8Jan 2, 2009missmarianne  Philippines
13"WOW PHILIPPINES!"  3  7Dec 30, 2008stamporama  Makati
14"Banaue"  8  15Dec 27, 2008barbie_sunrise  Makati
15"The world famous ancient rice terraces."  10  17Dec 21, 2008cachaseiro  Denmark
16"Banaue"  3Oct 14, 2008deedos  Bacolod City
17"Banaue-Sagada-Baguio Tour"  3Jul 30, 2008zephyrgurl108  Shenzhen
18"Banaue road trip"  3May 9, 2008albertdp  Quezon City
19"Banaue, Mountain Province"  9Apr 10, 2008clinique27  Bacoor
20"Banaue Side Trip"  4  6Feb 25, 2008darylrose  Cainta
21"Banaue: Your perfect heritage experience."  5  10Feb 4, 2008Pinoy_Traveller  Santiago de Compostela
22"Banaue Rice Terraces"  2  5Dec 6, 2007bojomacaraig  Quezon City
23"Banaue"  10  9Oct 27, 2007reeya  Philippines
24"ifugao province"  2Sep 20, 2007belski  Province of Laguna
25"BANAUE"  3  8Sep 1, 2007risaimperial  Quezon City
26"The 8th Wonder of the World"  6  22Aug 22, 2007backpacker24  Manila
27"Overwhelming Experience in Banaue"  4  15Jul 27, 2007Nhess  Manila
28"Banaue is..."  5  20Jul 23, 2007rain_forest  City of Manila
29"Banaue"  3Jun 4, 2007vetchm  Province of Batangas
30"BANAUE: STAIRWAYS TO THE SKIES"  3May 23, 2007agent8971  Pennsylvania
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