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1"Bangui Windmills"  1  5Apr 13, 2013trinadameg   Manila
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5"Home of the Wind Mill farm.."  2Aug 17, 2011bernardfdy  World
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8"Monster Electric fans"  2Aug 9, 2009marc09  Quezon City
9"First in the Philippines"  1Jun 12, 2009bojomacaraig  Quezon City
10"Bangui"  2  13Feb 1, 2009cologne_62  Cologne
11"My Hometown"  3Jun 8, 2008bo_cha  Germany
12"Bangui - Home of the 1st ever WINDMILLS in Asia"  2Apr 8, 2008traveller_md  Manila
13"Bangui, Ilocos Norte"  3Jun 19, 2007pres_16  City of Manila
14"Bangui Windmills, feels like Don Quijote"  1  8Jun 17, 2007machomikemd  San Francisco
15"Bangui Windmills"  3Mar 12, 2007zoe_girl18  Manila
16"BANGUI and its WINDMILLS"  1Feb 7, 2007mimay  Quezon City
17"Bangui: Renewable Energy Capital ofthe Philippines"  1  5Nov 8, 2005bike_packer  Philippines