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9"Jewel of Pangasinan"  3  15Jul 4, 2008machomikemd  San Francisco
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11"Our Bolinao Adventure"  3  8May 19, 2008albertdp  Quezon City
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15"Bolinao, Pangasinan"  1Oct 6, 2007lakwatserang_paa  Province of Laguna
16"weekend getaway"  3Aug 31, 2007joyechew  Vancouver
17"Discovering Bolinao"  3  7Aug 28, 2007Juds  Quezon City
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19"Our Very Own Bolinao"  11  21May 20, 2007laqjaw  Manila
20"Monina's Hundr... erm... Bolinao Page"  10  55Oct 16, 2006monina_c  Sariaya
21"it's a great experience to be here!"  1Jul 8, 20062hod18  Philippines
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