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1"Paoay"  4  15Jul 5, 2014June.b   Palawan
2"Kumakaway Paoay"  3Apr 13, 2013trinadameg  Manila
3"Paoay in the Summer"  1Mar 30, 2013monina_c  Sariaya
4"Paoay, Ilocos Norte"  1  3Feb 17, 2013jayjayc   Manila
5"Paoay Church"  3Dec 7, 2012imeley  Norway
6"heart of paoay"  1Sep 2, 2012lyrick  Kidapawan
7"The Marcos' Town"  2Oct 12, 2011joiwatani  Seattle
8"PAOAY"  1  2Dec 20, 2010Lensky  Pasig
9"With UNESCO-listed Baroque Church"  1Oct 23, 2010janbonivic  Puerto Princesa City
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11"Paoay"  1Jun 12, 2009bojomacaraig  Quezon City
12"PAOAY"  1Apr 9, 2008i-s-a  Province of Bataan
13"Paoay - Home of The Famous Paoay Church"  3Apr 8, 2008traveller_md  Manila
14"Paoay"  2  9Dec 26, 2007clairedemaisip  Quezon City
15"Paoay, A Unesco World Heritage Site"  4  25Jun 17, 2007machomikemd  San Francisco
16"Paoay - another UNESCO World Heritage Site"  5  43Oct 25, 2006myspices  Malaysia
17"OFF TO PAOAY, ILOCOS NORTE"  2  11Aug 24, 2006pres_16  City of Manila
18"Ilocos Norte"  2Feb 12, 2006cyberhunk  Manila
19"Paoay Church and Bell Tower"  1Nov 30, 2005magic_jersey  Dubai
20"Old Paoay"  3  3Nov 23, 2004asianbelle  Manila