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1"Another adventure in Tagaytay"  2Nov 27, 2013johnlovesme  Las Pinas
2"Tagaytay City Escapade"  2  6Mar 7, 2013danyelspips  Vigan
3"COOL WEATHER, PICTURESQUUE SCENERY"  13  26Sep 10, 2012davidjo  Puerto Princesa
4"Tagaytay"  3Jun 29, 2012annebreo  Philippines
5"ziipin in tagaytay"  1May 5, 2012lyrick  Kidapawan
6"Tagaytay"  9Apr 16, 2012ayeta  New Jersey
7"A beautiful of the world!"Jan 3, 2012boatsfra  World
8"TAGAYTAY"  2  2Nov 9, 2011sanggano  Philippines
9"One of my favorite places in the Island of Luzon"  5  28Oct 10, 2011nixca316  Paranaque
10"Taal volcano"  1Apr 6, 2011FlyingDutchmen  The Hague
11"Reaching the SKY in TAGAYTAY!"  3Nov 7, 2010buenababe  Bacolod City
12"Jumping in Tagaytay!"  5Feb 4, 2010Jumping  Phoenix
13"Always special !!!"Feb 13, 2009vihermoso  Cabuyao
14"My Get-away place from Manila"  2  19Jan 14, 2009barbie_sunrise  Makati
15"Tagaytay - Under Construction!"  1Sep 15, 2008lahoree  Lahore
16"cool tagaytay"  1Jul 21, 2008thonyang0217  Manila
17"Tagaytay - South of Manila"  3May 18, 2008Frenny  Philippines
18"TAGAYTAY ........"  1Mar 27, 2008chelexmylabs  Province of Cavite
19""The Smallest Volcano in the World""  1  1Mar 23, 2008asiantraveler  Philippines
20"TAGAYTAY: NATURE AT ITS BEST!"  2  9Mar 13, 2008AusPinay  Tasmania
21"The not-so-remote corners of Luzon"  1  3Mar 2, 2008DSwede  Charleston
22"CALArueGA VT bonDINg"  1Feb 21, 2008missmarianne  Philippines
23"the closest to cold weather you can get"  3  3Feb 17, 2008uysijessa  Manila
24"Highlands"  3Jan 27, 2008scarletf  Pasig
25"Tagaytay City"  3Dec 1, 2007michy29  Legaspi City
26"Fantasy World...Fantasy World...."  43Nov 22, 2007clairedemaisip  Quezon City
27"TAGAYTAY"  2  11Nov 10, 2007utchie  City of Manila
28"Taal View"  1Nov 8, 2007candyhero  Manila
29"Tagaytay Getaway"  1Sep 19, 2007jinx0069  World
30"Tagaytay’s Windy Ridge Hotel Beckons!"  3Sep 16, 2007almen  World
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