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1"Versailles is a Town and a Château"  1  8Oct 30, 2014Beausoleil  Sacramento
2"The Royal Opera in Versailles"  17  57Mar 9, 2014Nemorino   Frankfurt am Main
3"Opulent Chateau de Versailles"  3Aug 4, 2013WOOFWOOF  Melbourne
4"Versailles, Autumn 2012"  1Feb 14, 2013Seleukos  World
5"Versalles"  3Dec 19, 2012albert34  Palencia
6"Versailles"  19Mar 28, 2012bakalapoe  Alexandroupolis
7"Palace of Versailles"  1  4Feb 1, 2012aukahkay  Singapore
8"A nice town with a very famous Palace and gardens"  3  15Oct 16, 2011stevemt  Brisbane
9"VERSAILLES IS NOT ONLY THE CASTLE"  1  3Sep 22, 2011Isa&Eric  Le Kremlin-Bicêtre
10"The royal city of France"  101  419Sep 15, 2011gwened  Pluvigner
11"Versaille"  3  18Jan 16, 2011Jim_Eliason  Arlington
12"Home of THE PALACE, Of Course"  11  49May 24, 2010TexasDave  Atlanta
13"Versailles"  3May 11, 2010t_cinanni  Perth
14"La ville Royalle"  1May 2, 2010CaduArle  Estado do Rio de Janeiro
15"the most beautiful palace in france"  2  3Jan 24, 2010fabrice  Offenburg
16"Palace for a Paris Daytrip"  1  6Jan 5, 2010DEBBBEDB  United States of America
17"Versailles"  1  52Nov 27, 2009malianrob  Los Angeles
18"The Sun King's Opulent Palace - Versailles"  18  33Oct 8, 2009Gypsystravels  United States of America
19"Chateau De Versailles"  1Sep 24, 2009Cielo_Algaeed  Riyadh
20"VERSAILLES."  1  5Aug 25, 2009wandabendik  Manchester
21"Versailles"  1Jul 27, 2009kikili  Australia and Oceania
22"This is Versailles!"  2  31Jun 19, 2009garridogal  Boston
23"A GUIDED WALKING TOUR OF THE CITY"  2  26Jun 18, 2009ViajesdelMundo  Los Barriles
24"Fourteen Years Later"  2  9May 2, 2009grandmaR  Leonardtown
25"Fit for a King and Queen"  3Dec 22, 2008TravellerMel  Franklin
26"The Grandeur of Versailles"  7  30Dec 19, 2008cjg1  New York City
27"Versailles"  1  6Nov 16, 2008Tom_Fields  Washington D.C.
28"Versailles"  2  9Nov 16, 2008cinthya_in_victoria  Mexico City
29"Palace of Versailles - You Have to Experience It!"  3  11Oct 17, 2008riorich55  Naperville
30"Versailles"  11Sep 14, 2008jumpingnorman  Phoenix
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