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1"A journy at Ipoh in Perak, Malaisia"  2Oct 21, 2014Tensor  Bavaria
2"Ipoh, next to the Kledang hill"  5  19Jul 30, 2014AnnaHermans  's-Hertogenbosch
3"Bad day in Ipoh Malaysia"  5  28Apr 16, 2014shannsow  Penang
4"Visiting Ipoh"  27  89Feb 10, 2014IreneMcKay  Hong Kong
5"A little bit of my hometown - Simee in Ipoh"  11Dec 12, 2012coconutSmoothie  Breda
6"Ipoh town.. FOOD PARADISE!"Jul 26, 2012skyvic  World
7"Ipoh."  2  3Jul 9, 2012cachaseiro  Denmark
8"Ipoh, the capital of Perak State"  10  38Jun 23, 2012DaHongHua  Malaysia
9"Road Trip to Penang"  2  13Nov 21, 2010hassan_abu  Bedok New Town
10"ee-poh"  3  4Nov 9, 2010global-drifter  Melbourne
11"IPOH, PERAK"  1Nov 3, 2010christabal  Surabaya
12"Ipoh - State capital of Perak"  20  62Aug 19, 2010Willettsworld  United Kingdom
13"Fitness Jaunt- Menglembu"  1Dec 6, 2009vangat  World
14"Ipoh - Manufacturing Center of Finisar"  1  3Sep 6, 2009Callavetta  San Francisco
15"The City of Millionaires"  4  9May 25, 2009Chuckaziz  Kuala Lumpur
16"Lime stone caves outside Ipoh."  17Feb 8, 2009Askla  Sweden
17"Ipoh"Jan 15, 2009mojo1980  Singapore
18"Sweet Pomelos, Friendly Chinese and Ugly Girls"  1Dec 22, 2008cochinjew  Havana
19"My hometown..."  1  8Dec 8, 2008sheherezad  Kuala Lumpur
20"Ipoh - Capital of Perak"  16  20Oct 27, 2008SLLiew  Penang
21"Ipoh"  1  4Apr 8, 2008RachelLeung  Ipoh
22"Ipoh - Favourite Haunt For Delicious Food"  3Jan 9, 2008myspices  Malaysia
23"ipoh, malaysia: 6-7oct07"  19Oct 10, 2007absolut_7  Manila
24"Ipoh To Me"  3  3Jun 1, 2007mdakhirs  Kuala Lumpur
25"Land of White Coffee and Fair Ladies"  1  16May 7, 2007runwitme  Kuala Lumpur
26"Welcome to IPOH, Perak's Capital City"  7  22Jan 5, 2007meiyergani  Bogor
27"Ipoh - General"  1  7Nov 27, 2006ibisit  Singapore
28"Ipoh, a place I call home"  7Nov 21, 2006ll_angel86  Singapore
29"Ipoh - Revisited"  2Oct 26, 2006mtaiwai  Penang
30"ordinary life in rural malaysia (kind of)"  1  8Oct 14, 2006bazoeker  Rotterdam
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