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6"Shah Alam - My Second Home"  6  23Jun 17, 2007Azri_Azmi  Melaka
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10"Shah Alam in Selangor State, Malaysia"  3  17Nov 3, 2006myspices  Malaysia
11"Bukit Cahaya Seri Alam"  1  2Sep 24, 2006PeteLow2004  Singapore
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14"Shah Alam - The Orchard City"  3Nov 8, 2005syaf  Shah Alam
15"Shah Alam My Home Town"  1Oct 18, 2005abdulmuiz  Shah Alam
16"Shah Alam"  5  5Nov 26, 2003mansionion  Pulau Labuan
17"an afternoon walk in Shah Alam"  22  25Sep 11, 2002o00o  Tokyo
18"I was here with my friends"Sep 11, 2002Pei_Pei  World