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1"JARS, UXO'S, MEMORIALS and VIET COFFEE HOUSES"  19  29May 26, 2011davidjo   Puerto Princesa
2"So much more than the Jars."  19  20Jan 28, 2010planxty   London
3"Plains, Stupas, UXO's and of course Jars too"  13  12Oct 23, 2009DSwede   Mokp'o
4"Gateway to the plain of jars."  6  12Feb 7, 2009cachaseiro   Denmark
5"Jars and tourists - tourists and jars...."  1Sep 2, 2006aemilys  Paris
6"Potholes, Pots and Bomb Craters"Apr 14, 2006stripeykelly  Lockerbie
7"Phonsavan and Muang Khun"  3Jan 29, 2005erik78  Helsinki
8"The Plain of Jars"  1  2Jan 21, 2005PrincessMonja  Málaga
9"Phonsavan"  6  12Oct 16, 2004Blatherwick  New Westminster
10"The wild, wild, wild side....."  3  5Jan 17, 2004mke1963  London