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1"Lake Issyk-Kul"  3Sep 1, 2008sachara  Emmen
2"Issyk-kul"  1Nov 30, 2005dambigir  Toronto
3"Lake Issyk Kul is surrounded by rugged terrain"  1Aug 2, 2005Upstate1NY  Syracuse
4"LAKE ISSYK-KUL"  14Jun 27, 2004Narviking  Narvik
5"the blue water - the blue dream"  1Aug 6, 2003leilajiang  Beijing
6"Kyrgyzstan"Jan 1, 2003Asel  Kyrgyzstan
7"ALONG THE GREAT SILK ROAD"  4  11Oct 29, 2002kyrgyz  Naryn
8"Probably the best known lake in the country..."  1  1Sep 5, 2002aliante1981  London