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1"Rests of the 2004 Tsunami"  1  7May 4, 2013jorgejuansanchez  Hospitalet
2"Lived through horror, but happy now to live life"  21  83Feb 6, 2012Daihappydai   Melbourne
3"Banda Aceh"  5  17Jan 16, 2011lotharscheer  Vienna
4"Banda Aceh recovered from the tsunami"  28  111Dec 21, 2010theo1006   Salatiga
5"from lhok nga, lampuuk to inong balee"  1May 17, 2010LtTBearandTheBoys  Essex
6"the westernmost province of indonesia archipelago"  1May 7, 2010ukirsari  London
7"Banda Aceh"  2Mar 11, 2009amlapura  Batu Gajah
8"Islamic, religiously conservative area"  1Apr 29, 2007mkurniawan  Special Capital Region of Jakarta
9"Banda Aceh-What The City can Offer"  49  24Sep 8, 2006Rinjani  Bandung
10"July - August 2006"  7  9Jul 28, 2006TheSentinel  Compton
11"Aceh"  1May 29, 2006christiantan  Asia
12"A year after tsunami"  1  2Feb 11, 2006Perucha  Jakarta
13"WELCOME to BANDA ACEH"  7  30Mar 4, 2005meiyergani  Bogor