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1"Phnom Penh"  2  11May 23, 2015visit2010  United States of America
2"Capital on a Hill Phon Penh"  3  18Feb 14, 2015anilpradhanshillong  Shillong
3"Phnom Penh"  3Feb 3, 2015Kenny_Tham  Singapore
4"A short stop in PP"  3  4Oct 20, 2014littlebush  Auckland
5"The most pleasant capital in Indochina"  4  12May 27, 2014jorgejuansanchez  Hospitalet
6"Phnom Penh"  3  7Feb 24, 2014adelinemmc  London
7"First time is not the last"  1  3Jan 27, 2014xymmot  Richmond
8"---"  1  1Aug 28, 2013SamiraZip  World
9"A crazy, dusty, fast, unbelievable city"  1Aug 26, 2013Kindberg37  Los Angeles
10"Into Cambodia"  8  17Jul 5, 2013IreneMcKay  Hong Kong
11"Phnom Penh"  14  49Feb 25, 2013akkipaa  Tampere
12"Interesting City"  21  75Nov 26, 2012stevemt  Brisbane
13"Phnom Penh"  8  31Nov 16, 2012theguardianangel  City of Manila
14"Phnom Penh"  3Oct 25, 2012peperoni  Setúbal
15"PHNOM PENH"  1Oct 17, 2012alyf1961  Leeds
16"Welcome to Capital City of Cambodia"  35  236Jun 22, 2012cal6060   Kuala Lumpur
17"Killing Time in Cambodia"  1May 22, 2012wilocrek  Salt Lake City
18"PHNOM PENH - PEARL OF ASIA"  34  75Mar 18, 2012ancient_traveler  Bandung
19"Hot, loud and full of life"  1Feb 10, 2012jay_krejic  Sweden
20"Phnom Penh"  9  40Jan 29, 2012DaHongHua  Malaysia
21"PHNOM PENH"  1  6Jan 27, 2012pres_16  City of Manila
22"Sadness in Phnom Penh"  1  5Jan 7, 2012Rastarigo  Bohol
23"I Do Love Cambodia!"  1  8Oct 18, 2011valeriemoore  Rangoon
24"See the real Cambodia"  2  7Sep 20, 2011mengsamet  Phnom Penh
25"Khmer Rouge: A Sidetrip"  3Jul 15, 2011crisgastardo  Quezon City
26"Eating in Phnom Penh"  1Jun 28, 2011jilted27  World
27"THE CENTER OF EVERYTHING"  1  100Jun 19, 2011DAO  Wakefield
28"CAPITALE TRANQUILLE"  1  1Mar 16, 2011henri123  Île de Montréal
29"C'est wat - great name great food"  1  5Feb 27, 2011Joemartin34  World
30"Historic and Resilient Phnom Penh"  16  31Feb 16, 2011easterntrekker  Halifax
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