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1"Daytrip from Thailand"  4  3Mar 13, 2009deeper_blue   London
2"My First Taste Of Burma"  1Jan 27, 2009aerynchow  Kajang
3"A glimpse of Mynmar"  2  2Aug 30, 2007traceyspacey  Manchester
4"The bottom of Burma: Victoria Point"  2  6Jan 20, 2007BorderHopper   Los Angeles
5"Boarder town to Thailand"  2  3Jul 14, 2006DSwede   Whangarei
6"KAWTHOUNG: SEA GYPSIES AND KICK BOXERS."  8  19Nov 29, 2003Hmmmm  Wellington
7"Kawthoung: the southern tip of Myanmar"  8  8Feb 2, 2003dabuwan  Milan