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1"01-Thimpu The Dragon Capital"  11  54Sep 9, 2013anilpradhanshillong  Shillong
2"Bhutan the Land of Thunder Dragon"  1Sep 28, 2011yezer  Thimphu
3"A Small Capital in a Mountain Land"  11  16Nov 28, 2010HasTowelWillTravel   Los Angeles
4"Capital city of Bhutan"  7  17Jun 10, 2009ozalp   Istanbul
5"Thimphu, the capital of Awesome Kingdom of Bhutan"  2Dec 22, 2007weslu2002  Los Banos
6"thimpu-city of dogs"  3Oct 16, 2005spymole  New Port Richey
7"Thimphu"  5  6Jan 4, 2005wispofcloud  Delhi
8"A Quite Rural But Booming Capital"  10  12Sep 3, 2004illa  Vancouver
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