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1"NORTH YORKSHIRE"  2  2Apr 10, 2013alyf1961  Leeds
2"Home of the Yorkshire Dales & North York Moors!"  4Feb 26, 2012spidermiss  Leeds
3"Hills and dales and so much to see"  3Jun 29, 2011uglyscot  Khartoum
4"North Yorkshire: Dales, Moors and Coast"  5  13Dec 13, 2008MikeBird  Bedfordshire
5"VTers on a day out in Yorkshire"  2  13Sep 11, 2008angiebabe  Xi'an
6"North Yorkshire"  3Aug 19, 2008reesecastillo  Philippines
7"North Yorkshire - So Much To See"  17  65Oct 30, 2007nickandchris  Dalton in Furness
8"Burnsall in The Yorkshire dales"  2Jul 18, 2007YorkshireRose  Leeds
9"North Yorkshire"  2Feb 10, 2007acull  Barnsley
10"See North Yorkshire below"  9Dec 22, 2006alectrevor  York
11"Ben-UK's North Yorkshire page"  8  23Nov 12, 2006Ben-UK  Manchester
12"Touring North Yorkshire"  10  11Jul 23, 2006SallyM  Great Missenden
13"Brideshead Visited for the First Time"  9  24Jul 20, 2006yooperprof  Marquette
14"Walking in the Dales before going to a conference"  2May 26, 2006IanDiamant  London
15"God's own country!"  34  40May 4, 2006Sjalen  Sweden
16"Yorkshire Delights"  9  9May 2, 2006tissie  Spilsby
17"Beautiful County"  2  7Apr 12, 2006ChrissyMoog  England
18"North Yorkshire: The Best Part of the North"  3  16Jan 26, 2006Tom_Fields  Washington D.C.
19"north yorkshire"  2Nov 16, 2005Ian66  Leeds
20"Swaledale"Jul 20, 2005Andyuk51  Salisbury
21"Dales and Castles"  10  10Mar 6, 2005stevezero  Belper
22"Yorkshire - typically English"  10  12Feb 14, 2005JanPeter74  Rotterdam
23"Cayton Bay"  3Jan 13, 2005de2az  York
24"North Yorkshire Moors Railway"  2  18Sep 15, 2004Marpessa  Canada
25"Primrose Valley"Jul 16, 2004mickeyjane1  Middlesbrough
26"North Yorkshire."  1  4Jun 12, 2004leics   Leicester
27"North Yorkshire"  14  44Jan 14, 2004sandysmith  West Kirby
28"North Yorkshire"  16  70Sep 29, 2003leffe3  Melbourne
29"North Yorkshire"  1Jul 21, 2003highlandlaura  Indiana
30"Northern England - beautiful areas to visit."  1Jun 8, 2003PhilSB  Doncaster
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