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1"This isn't Japan..."  2Jan 29, 2012mcjools  Alton
2"I was lucky to visit here as they rebuilt"  1  3Aug 16, 2011supune  Carson
3"Kabul - a city yet to be loved"  20  2Jan 4, 2009Penelope4   Vienna
4"Travelling in Afghanistan"Apr 29, 2007Kalashtravels  Chitral
5"Kabul"Dec 22, 2006SteveNomad  Kabul
6"Land of Contrast"  2  1Jun 6, 2006Anastasia73  Antwerp
7"About Afghanistan"  2  4May 2, 2006notta  Kabul
8"Kabul, Afghanistan"  1Mar 17, 2006cwcit  Claytor Lake State Park
9"Kabul"  2  5Mar 3, 2006dan780  Trenton
10"Land of the Pathans"  2Jan 2, 2006Durfun  London
11"Kabul-City of the Silk Road"  3Nov 9, 2005alfromcolorado  Colorado Springs
12"Afghanistan"  7  11Nov 4, 2005frankcanfly  Baltimore
13"Kabul"  1  8Sep 18, 2005QETZALCO  Warsaw
14"Camp Julian, Kabul Afghanistan"  3Aug 21, 2005Outerpeace  Brockville
15"Man's inhumanity to man"  3Aug 20, 2005ardelean  Bucharest
16"kabul,"  7Aug 6, 2005tajikgirl  Dushanbe
17"Kabul"May 8, 2005Cadanita  Etelä-Suomi
18"Kabul...."  1  2Mar 15, 2005TravisHenderson  Dallas
19"Afghanistan"  2Jan 17, 2005c1503  Los Angeles
20"Kabul"Jan 5, 2005AV8TOR  Ohio
21"Warning Label"Dec 15, 2004stephenb665  Kabul
22"Kabul, Afghanistan"  3Oct 13, 2004w00dr0w  Ottawa
23"Not my kind of town - I prefer the mountains"  3  2Oct 12, 2004mi5chelle  Juba
24"Kabul City, Afghanistan"  6  8Apr 2, 2004DavidRose79  Perth
25"Kabul City"  2Dec 16, 2003ea8cma  Newcastle upon Tyne
26"Kabul was one of the greatest city in Asia"  2Nov 15, 2003Panjshairi  Kabul
27"Krazy for Kabul"  14  15Oct 17, 2003Wanderboy43  Seattle
28"The Exotic and Ancient Capital"  17  20Aug 15, 2003hongmingd  Beijing
29"Ruins of Kabul....."  3Feb 17, 2003Lagun  Germany
30"Afghanistan - The land that was"  19  13Sep 26, 2002Nourin  Handen
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