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1"Art Deco on the Mathildenhöhe"  3Feb 26, 2013gubbi1  Aschaffenburg
2"Darmstadt after 30 years"  3  13Jun 12, 2012Sirvictor  Ankara
3"Darmstadt, DE"  10Nov 25, 2011dromosapien  Faribault
4"More than meets the eye"  3  10Oct 30, 2011TomInGermany  Darmstadt
5"Not enough time to explore properly..........."  1  6Jul 19, 2009leics  Leicester
6"Darmstadt"  3Sep 7, 2008wroclawiak  Wroclaw
7"My Darmstadt"  9  37Mar 29, 2008robertbaum  Matsudo
8"Opera and Cycling in Darmstadt"  17  43Feb 29, 2008Nemorino  Frankfurt am Main
9"A Rainy Visit to Darmstadt"  3Jan 15, 2008fisherbray  Kaiserslautern
10"Cool City Just South of Frankfurt"  1  1Nov 13, 2007twofold420  Long Pond
11"Hey, I live here"  2Jul 29, 2007mikesch  Darmstadt
12"Darmstadt"  1Jun 10, 2007bpwillet  Arlington
13"Did You Know?"  2  7May 5, 2007poniente  Merriam
14"Darmstadt, earlier Grand Duchy's capital"  1  8Apr 9, 2007Maria250  Germany
15"Darmstadt"  3Jan 26, 2007kanskje  Oslo
16"Darmstadt"Dec 12, 2006sportell  Darmstadt
17"Darmstadt"  9Nov 26, 2006BrunoPires  Chaves
18"A Fleeting Look at Darmstadt"  7  25Oct 26, 2006scottishvisitor  Aberdeen
19"Art Nouveau at its best!"  1Jun 9, 2006sim1  Sweden
20"Darmstadt - The University Town"  3Mar 13, 2006pinik  Moscow
21"Nice"  3Dec 19, 2005Brix67  Erie
22"Our daily life at home......."  18Sep 26, 2005Norbaert  Gubbio
23"Darmstadt: a City of Surprises"  22  45Apr 10, 2005antistar   Frankfurt am Main
24"Hundertwasser"  1  2Feb 8, 2005carolynllew  Brisbane
25"Berg Frankenstein for Halloween"Nov 7, 2004Lee_W  Friedberg
26"Discovering Darmstadt with the eyes of a tourist"  62  229Sep 10, 2004Trekki   Germany
27"Darmstadt, The City in the Forest"  2May 21, 2004caoimhin  Leeuwarden
28"Peaceful, wonderful...."  5Mar 12, 2004SleepyAngel  London
29"Darmstadt"  4  5Oct 12, 2003Gili_S  Gili
30"Art Nouveau capital Darmstadt"  16  19May 18, 2003sabsi  Düsseldorf
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