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1"Rustic Fishing Village in the Modern HK"  4  5Oct 4, 2007DSwede   Corpus Christi
2"Tai O fishing village"  5  9Mar 8, 2007sunnywong  Burnaby
3"Tai O oozes with Rustic Charm"  24  27Jul 31, 2006bpacker   Hong Kong
4"Tai O on Lantau Island"  3May 28, 2006kmhvino  Portland
5"Introduction"  1  3May 13, 2006p_yenyen   Malaysia
6"A village on stilts"  2Feb 19, 2006grets  Bristol
7"The village on stilts"  2  3Jan 10, 2005sugarpuff  Gibraltar
8"Tai O"  1  1Mar 14, 2004jng  Hong Kong