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1"Somerset, in early Autumn"  1Oct 29, 2011gflaig  Stuttgart
2"Somerset"  1Jan 2, 2011Maria81  London
3"Somerset"  5  13Mar 14, 2010himalia11   Schupbach
4"SOMERSET"Jul 7, 2009Acirfa  West Horsham
5"Land of Summer"  1Feb 25, 2008illumina  Worcester
6"Land of my fathers"  2Oct 7, 2007JonnyVN  Ho Chi Minh City
7"Somerset county"  17  28Aug 26, 2007Jenniflower  Greater London
8"The Wonderful West Country"  3  5Jul 25, 2007piglet44  Israel
9"Somerset"  2  11Apr 1, 2007leffe3  Melbourne
10"Somerset"  10  13Dec 31, 2006grayfo  Royal Leamington Spa
11"Haven't Been Here Yet"Oct 31, 2006LizTungsten  Columbia
12"On road in rural Somersetshire"  1Sep 25, 2006johncudw  Mahwah
13"Beautiful Somerset"  13  22Jan 12, 2006Bwana_Brown  Fredericton
14"Lots to do here!"  6  6Jan 8, 2006Arianasarah866  Bradford
15"Somerset"  4  7Aug 20, 2005munki  Madrid
16"The Country of King Arthur"  1Jul 2, 2005aliante1981  London
17"Cider Drinkers!!"  1Sep 27, 2004traceyslocombe  Cornwall
18"My Somerset Guide"  4  7Sep 19, 2004englishchris  Sidmouth
19"England's West Country is Wonderful"  1  4Feb 13, 2004caminoreal  Tulsa
20"Gert off me land!"  5  7Jun 7, 2003Duffelgirl  Bristol