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1"East Coast City"  2  6May 9, 2013Orchid   Melbourne
2"Spectacular and nerve wrecking"  5  22Mar 28, 20136aruna  State of Kerala
3"Hualian - I am here!"  2Apr 3, 2012JoanPhua  Shanghai Shi
4"Hualian National Scenic Area"  1  8Nov 13, 2011limkahwan  Penang
5"Hualian"  6  16Nov 22, 2009edelng  Singapore
6"Hualien"  1Oct 15, 2009Matyas  Fredericton
7"Hualian"Jul 21, 2009daibaklang  Taipei Shih
8"On the Pacific"  3  3Jan 28, 2009deeper_blue  London
9"At the Mouth of the Gorge"  2  2Aug 6, 2008DSwede  Charleston
10"East Taiwan"  3Mar 16, 2007Toto88  Ihrhove
11"Taroko National Park"  3Nov 26, 2006traveller0070  Singapore
12"Beautiful East Coast"  6  16Mar 23, 2006kiely  Taipei
13"I know... It's unlike Taiwan"  3Sep 24, 2005luckymiffy  Taiwan
14"Close to Hualian, Taroko Gorge"  3Jun 3, 2005schuurton  Schiedam
15"Hualian and Taroko Gorge"  3  3Mar 10, 2005MJL  Oulu
16"Hualian"  1Aug 7, 2004sakurita  Japan
17"Too Short For Heaven--Hualien"  9  33Jul 18, 2004THLIN  Shenzhen
18"Happy in Hualien"Mar 26, 2004HaPpY_123456789  World
19"Hualian- East coast of Taiwan"  1  2Jan 14, 2004Jill2002  Burton upon Trent
20"DR on Hualian"  2Jan 5, 2004DirtyRudy  Sexmoan
21"...bridge above the road....u an see it only here"Jul 16, 2003ana.gsm  Cakovec
22"Hualien"  18  36Apr 5, 2003Burtty  Taiwan
23"Hua-lien"Mar 20, 2003Kurtdhis  Bangkok
24"Hualien"  23  25Jan 25, 2003kenmerk  Taiwan
25"Three day's journey to Hua-Lien"  12Jan 16, 2003TIAc  Taiwan
26"Hua-lien (chinese: Ὤ)"  5  22Nov 23, 2002sunnywong  Burnaby