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1"The Northern Capital"  153  126mke1963   London
2"Beijing - Imperial Peking"  119  120SLLiew   Penang
3"My wonderful Beijing"  96  204nepalgoods   Hamburg
4"Beijing: from the Forbidden City to the Great Wall"  73  100filipdebont   Roeselare
5"Beijing - The Northern Capital"  163  623Willettsworld   United Kingdom
6"Beijing (北京)"  130  581cal6060  Kuala Lumpur
7"Beijing----gives you much more than you expected!"  51  25Sally_chen  Beijing
8"The center of the world"  111  141ntm2322  Macao
9"Charmed by BEIJING"  48  93Lemonita  China
10"Beautiful Beijing"  50  50ahoerner  Curitiba
11"Beijing, the capital of China"  64  143yangzhigong  Beijing
12"Beijing"  72  297blueskyjohn  New Jersey
13" This is Beijing. ^_^"  44  79wwliu  San Diego
14"Beijing - a city full of contrasts"  44  178lindyz  Wollongong
15"Beijing - Dynamic capital of China"  41  62MickeH  Göteborg
16"Beijing: Almost ready for the 2008 Olympics!"  36  72Confucius  Beijing
17"Hao Leh!!!!"  49  50egosyncratix  Singapore
18"My gateway to China"  26  75marielexoteria  Barcelona
19"Beijing Lot's to see!!!!!!!"  34  46herzog63  Kodiak
20"Beijing"  34  83clairegeordio  Buckinghamshire
21"IMPREXXION: BEIJING"  34  66xuessium  Shanghai
22"Beijing - The Noble City"  24  22AC1  Aberdeen
23"Awe-Inspiring Beijing!"  25  117schwein  Seoul
24"Beijing!"  54  54shivan  Rome
25"Beijing...The old, the older and the very old!"  45  48K.Knight  Buderim
26"A monumental city"  30  98muratkorman   Istanbul
27"Beijing...the dragon is awakening....!"  39  74sugarpuff  Gibraltar
28"Pekin - Beijing"  30  104elpariente  Santander
29"What a city"  27  74stevemt   Brisbane
30"The 6th of 7"  61  123solopes  Turquel
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